Prior to having her knees replaced, Sue was an avid sportsperson. Growing up, she played softball, golf, and basketball. As she got older, she started playing on a traveling tennis team with friends. When Sue began experiencing pain in her knees, she was forced to give up these sports, particularly tennis. Her life became very limited in terms of the activities she could do. Even getting up and down from her chair at work was difficult.

"Within four months I had two total knee replacements done, the ConforMIS way. To me, it was made to fit my knee, not somebody else’s knee, not a guy’s knee, not another woman’s knee. They didn’t pull it out of a box. It was made to fit me, and to me that made more sense."

After consulting with several surgeons, Sue reached out to Dr. Mark Kwartowitz, who recommended the ConforMIS knee replacement system. In December of 2011, Sue received a ConforMIS iTotal® in her right knee. Four months later, she received another in her left knee. After the surgery, Sue is back running on treadmill and swimming.


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