Before her surgery, Rita was incredibly active. She was a big camper, hiker, and gardener. In addition, she enjoyed furniture refinishing and painting in her spare time. After she began experiencing pain in her knee, she started doing her activities differently, things took longer, and she oftentimes had to ask her husband for help. Rita describes the years leading up to surgery as limiting in term of her pain and discomfort. To help with the pain, Rita iced her knee and took anti-inflammatories.

"The biggest difference I notice today is lack of pain and flexibility. I can get in the garden; I can get on my knees to pull weeds, to plant, to do what I need to."

Eventually, the pain became overwhelming and she consulted with an orthopedic surgeon, Dr. William Kurtz, who recommended the ConforMIS procedure. Four weeks after receiving a ConforMIS iTotal®, Rita is carrying laundry up and down the stairs and gardening, which requires her to be on her knees and constantly getting up and down.


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