Real Experiences

The ConforMIS experience is best described in our patients’ and surgeons' own words.

Each story is unique, and we look forward to being a part of yours.


Marilyn Dodd

Marilyn is an avid CrossFit enthusiast. After a car accident left her with debilitating knee pain, she was unable to do the things she wanted to do. Since her surgery, she has been able to return to her daily life without worrying about her knee pain. WATCH MARILYN'S STORY


Marty Meyers

Martin couldn’t walk two blocks because of the pain in his knee. After his operation, he was back to playing golf at 6 weeks. WATCH MARTY'S STORY


Jose Rodriguez, MD

Chief of Reconstruction Arthroplasty and Director, Arthroplasty Fellowship Program, Lenox Hill Hospital in New York, NY WATCH DR. RODRIGUEZ'S STORY


Cal Wood

Cal is a cattle rancher who struggled for 10 years with debilitating knee pain. His osteoarthritis became so bad that he couldn’t perform daily tasks – his pain on a “level from 1 to 10 was a 12”. After surgery, Cal is now able to enjoy his time on the cattle ranch and the golf course again. WATCH CAL'S STORY


Richard Rosa, MD

Director of the Saint Barnabas Medical Center Joint Institute in Livingston, New Jersey WATCH DR. ROSA'S STORY


Irene Passani

Before her surgery, the pain in Irene’s knee was so agonizing that she couldn’t do many of the things she loved, which included running, biking, and kickboxing. Irene received a ConforMIS iUni® partial knee replacement in her right knee. Post-surgery, Irene is back biking three to four times a week and kickboxing. WATCH IRENE'S STORY


Bruce Bollinger, MD, PA

Orthopedic Surgeon at Custom Joint Center in Fort Worth, Texas WATCH DR. BOLLINGER'S STORY


John Lynch

John is a veterinarian with an active practice whose osteoarthritis in both knees was severely limiting his ability to continue practicing. After surgery John was home in two days and back to work in a week and a half. He’s also able to landscape and walk the dogs. WATCH JOHN'S STORY


Edward Rossario, MD

Orthopaedic Surgeon at Coastal Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Center in Port St. Lucie, FL WATCH DR. ROSSARIO'S STORY


Alan Kiel

Alan works as a metal fabricator, which requires constant movement, lifting, and walking on a cement floor. In March of 2010, Alan underwent a knee replacement in his left knee with a non-ConforMIS implant. Two years later, Alan received a ConforMIS iUni® partial knee replacement in his right knee. WATCH ALAN'S STORY


Bryan Huber, MD

Head of Orthopedic Surgery and Medical Director of Rehabilitation Services at Copley Hospital in Morrisville, VT WATCH DR. HUBER'S STORY


MaryEllen Scannell

Six weeks after seeing her doctor about her continued pain, MaryEllen received a ConforMIS iTotal® in her right and left knee. Just days after surgery she was off her walker and she is now back walking and dancing normally. WATCH ALAN'S STORY


Robert Tait, MD

Chief of Staff at St. Rose Dominican Hospital Siena in Henderson, NV WATCH DR. TAIT'S STORY


Rita Felts

Four weeks after receiving a ConforMIS iTotal®, Rita is carrying laundry up and down the stairs and gardening, which requires her to be on her knees and constantly getting up and down. WATCH RITA'S STORY


Barry Waldman, MD

Director of the Center for Joint Preservation and Replacement at the Rubin Institute for Advanced Orthopaedics in Baltimore, MD WATCH DR. WALDMAN'S STORY


David Mack, MD

Medical Director of the North Cypress Sports Medicine Center in Houston, TX WATCH DR. MACK'S STORY


Christopher Cannova, MD

Board Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon at the Washington Joint Institute at OrthoBethesda and Suburban Hospital WATCH DR. CANNOVA'S STORY


Gary Levengood, MD

Founder and President of Sports Medicine South, LLC in Lawrenceville, GA WATCH DR. LEVENGOOD'S STORY


Raj Sinha, MD

Orthopaedic Surgeon, Star Othopaedics Rancho Mirage, CA WATCH DR. SINHA'S STORY


William Montgomery, MD

Co-Director, Joint Replacement Center, Baylor Medical Center of Frisco Plano, TX WATCH DR. MONTGOMERY'S STORY


Vivek Neginhal, MD

Orthopedic surgeon at Scott Orthopedic Center in Huntington, West Virginia, as well as the Director of Joint Replacement at Saint Mary’s Medical Center in Huntington, WV WATCH DR. NEGINHAL'S STORY

MK-03093-AA Dr. Ian Dickey testimonial.png

Ian Dickey, MD

Orthopaedic Surgeon, Colorado Limb Consultants, Denver, CO WATCH DR. DICKEY'S STORY

MK-03076-AA Dr. Michael Wertz testimonial video.png

Michael Wertz, MD

Orthopaedic Surgeon, Boulder Bone and Joint, Boulder, CO WATCH DR. WERTZ' STORY

MK-02775-AA Dr. Kurtz testimonial_HR.png

William Kurtz, MD

Chief of Orthopedics, St. Thomas Midtown Hospital, Nashville, TN WATCH DR. KURTZ' STORY

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