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Salsa dancer, yoga lover, gymnast, and ConforMIS enthusiast Molly Seaman suffered a very traumatic gymnastic-related injury while on the University of Washington gymnastics team, and underwent multiple surgeries while still in college. From then on, she suffered terrible knee pain to the point where she actually considered amputation. When her orthopedic surgeon intruduced her to the idea of a customized knee from ConforMIS, Molly immediately began to research more about the company and technology.

Q&A with Molly

Q: When did you have your surgery?
A: I had my surgery when I was 31 years old.
Q: What made you decide to get knee replacement surgery at such a young age?
A: I started gymnastics when I was four years old and did gymnastics through college at the University of Washington. I unfortunately suffered a catastrophic knee injury my sophomore year and had multiple surgeries while I was in college and continued to struggle with knee pain afterwards. So my entire 20’s were plagued with surgery after surgery. I ended up with 14 surgeries by the age of 31 and was dealing with chronic pain lots of pain meds - I was on medical leave from my third career. It was just not a good time in my life. Very depressing, very frustrating to deal with that much pain and I was looking for a solution to resolve it.
Q: It sounds like you're a very educated healthcare consumer. What in your research led you to ConforMIS?
A: With all of the injuries that I had in college, it increased my interest in the medical field. I am very active in researching different treatment options for myself, so I knew that I needed to be an advocate to make sure that I was getting the treatment that I needed. My surgeon actually introduced me to the idea of a total knee replacement and introduced me to the company ConforMIS. I didn’t have much research at that time knowing the different companies. I knew of the larger companies that are out there and he recommended ConforMIS so that piqued my interest because I knew if it was something that he recommended, it’s something that I should look into. What really struck me is the fact that the knee is actually customized to each patient. So I was going to get a knee that fit my anatomy. That made perfect sense to me and made me wonder, “What do the other companies do?” So that’s really where I started that conversation with him.
Q: How do you feel now that you've had your knee replacement?
A: I am extremely ecstatic with how I feel now. I’m back to my crazy, goofy, normal self, which was gone for almost a decade. My family, my friends, my fiancé, they’re all extremely grateful to have me back. I’m total goof, totally happy and it’s something that I hadn’t been for over a decade.

"So now I’m a normal 34-year old, and 'normal' to me is extraordinary. I get to plan my wedding, choreograph my wedding dance, go to UW football games, do everything I wanna do and my knee is no longer a limitation."


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