Before her surgery, the pain in Irene’s knee was so agonizing that she couldn’t do many of the things she loved, which included running, biking, and kickboxing. Though Irene used over-the-counter pain medication, the pain in her knee persisted and even sleeping at night became difficult.

"After the surgery, I am still amazed today how quickly everything fell back into place. I literally feel as if I have been given a brand new leg."

After consulting with her orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Barry Waldman, Irene received a ConforMIS iUni® partial knee replacement in her right knee. Post-surgery, Irene is back biking three to four times a week and kickboxing. Because Irene works as a freelance linguist, she takes the train to Washington, D.C. often, which requires walking up long flights of stairs at the stations. After surgery, Irene has no trouble walking up and down the stairs, even when she is running late!


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