Meet our newest Patient Ambassadors

Oct 26, 2017 4:02:31 PM

In June 2017, we held our 2nd Annual Patient Ambassador Summit, including a photo shoot with our newest ambassadors! The Ambassadors volunteer their time to speak with other prospective patients about their experience with ConforMIS. Look for more from them coming soon... in the meantime, meet them below!

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Betty-Action.jpgBetty Small

New Hampshire

Loves theater and world travel

Surgery: February 2016

Surgeon: Moby Parsons, MD

"Dr. Parsons replaced my right knee with this little treasure and I've since been able to get back to doing the things I love, including traveling



Dave-Action.jpgDave Linz


Friends call him "Captain Fun" again after getting his knee replacement

Surgery: February 2017

Surgeon: Raj Sinha, MD

"We did both knees... and I cannot believe what happened. It's incredible that they're fit so perfectly" 


Janet-Action.jpgJanet Shelton


Former flight attendant and current tennis player

Surgery: September and December 2016

Surgeon: Derek Johnson, MD

"It has been the most incredible recovery with this knee. It's not like anything else


Jay-Action.jpgJay Pilcer


Skiier, surfer, hiker

Surgery: December 2014

Surgeon: Bryan Huber, MD

"When Dr. Huber explained the ConforMIS knee, I said 'well why would anybody want something else that's basically a small, medium, or large?'" 



Joe-Action.jpgJoseph Maranto


Raises coy fish and is an avid gardner

Surgery: February 2016

Surgeon: Matthew Heckler, DO

"My gosh... why wouldn't you do this?



Kay-Action.jpgKay Hashagen


Physical therapist and former collegiate lacross player

Surgery: November 2016

Surgeon: Barry Waldman, MD

"I told my doctor I was a little nervous about the hospital thing, and he said 'Fine, we'll do it outpatient!'



Keith-Action.jpgKeith Mason


Hospital CEO and golf enthusiast

Surgery: March 2017

Surgeon: Jon Orjala, DO

"I saw my surgeon in the hallway of the hospital after three weeks and he said 'you're not limping!'... I said 'I know, that's why I got the surgery... to fix the limp!'"


Lorraine-Actions.jpgLorraine Vallencourt

New Hampshire

94 years old - performs in a Senior Choir

Surgery: September 2016

Surgeon: Thomas Marks, MD

"You know, I was a little wary because I was no young chick when I got my knee done...but oh my god, what a difference


Mike-Action.jpgMichael Eisner


Yoga instructor and tree climber

Surgery: November 2016

Surgeon: Barry Waldman, MD

"I feel blessed to have stumbled upon this technology"



Stephanie-Actions.jpgStephanie Donvan

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