Alan works as a metal fabricator, which requires constant movement, lifting, and walking on a cement floor. At work, Alan experienced a lot of pain in his knees and resorted to over-the-counter medication to ease the pain. In March of 2010, Alan underwent a knee replacement in his left knee with a non-ConforMIS implant. Two years later, Alan received a ConforMIS iUni® partial knee replacement in his right knee.

"I had the non-ConforMIS knee done in March of 2010 – still have pain in that today. I had the ConforMIS knee done and it is a world of wonderful."

According to Alan, his two knees feel “night-and-day” different. He still has pain in his left leg. In his right leg, however, he is back walking, working, doing daily activities without any pain. In fact, Alan describes his ConforMIS knee as “a world of wonderful.


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